Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Awnings help reduce carbon imprint on earth

There are many benefits of having awnings on one's home. The beauty of a custom fabric of your color and style on your home to showcase your personality; reducing the damage that harmful UV rays do to interior furnishings (not to mention one's skin) and more. Everyone is trying to do their part to reduce their carbon imprint on mother earth and slow down global warming.  One way you can do your part is by adding awnings, canopies or retractable motorized awnings to your home or business.  Did you know that on a sunny summer day an awning can reduce inside temperatures by 10 degrees or more by cutting down the amount of direct sunlight and providing shade?  The air conditioner won't have to work as hard when the room temperature drops and can even gives one the ability to simply shut off the a/c for a while and open the windows to any breezes coming through. Give us a call and let us show you how your home might look with a porch awning, a canopy over your deck.  Think about pushing a button to have your retractable awning cut down that sunlight in just a few moments!  Call us for more information at 609-861-9838 or 800-688-7845

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